Health Tips

When you think of travelling to India, the question of medical care, hospitals, medical services in general crosses one’s mind.  Let start by putting your mind at ease by saying “ It is certainly possible to travel in India without getting sick at all” Here are a few tips

  • Talk to your doctor about your travel plans and destinations.
  • Take Medical Insurance prior to travel. Details are given on our website.
  • Carry a small amount of any medication prescribed by your family doctor. Your travel kit can have your “campin necessities” like sunscreens, bug repellent, benadryl etc. No need to panic if you forget your medical kit. India  has a well-developed pharmaceutical industry and almost all medicines are available.
  • Heatstroke/ Sunstroke, Dehydration can happen even in cooler months. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking clean       bottled water. It is available almost everywhere.

Even after taking all preventive measure if you get sick. Don’t worry –  our escort / guide will be able to get you the best medical facility available at the location.  Indian doctors will be able to advise more recent and effective treatments for tropical diseases as they treat it more often than their western counterparts.

Details on Health tips and other relevant travel information is included in the “welcome package” when you book the tour.

Do you know that India is a very happening spot for Medical Tourism?  Ask our travel counsellors for more information.