Practical Information

Entry is easiest by air. Druk Air is the national airline, sometimes known as Royal Bhutan Airlines, and the only airline that flies into Bhutan. It operates two BAe 146 4-engine jets carrying 77 passengers twice a week from Delhi and Kathmandu, once...Read More

Dances Of Bhutan

Dances of Bhutan The most popular chaam is the Black Hat dance, where dancers wear large hats, high boots and silk brocade costumes. This dance relates the 8th– century murder of the anti- Buddhist Tibetan king, Langdarma, by a Tantric priest. Other...Read More

Festivals Of Bhutan

Bhutan’s religious festivals mainly take place during the spring and autumn months, the dates of which are fixed according to the Bhutanese lunar calendar. Celebrations may range from complex rituals to the protective deities to simple recitation or chanting of...Read More

Places Of Interest

Thimphu Lying at an elevation of 2320m above sea level the capital of Bhutan is a blend of the traditional and the modern. It is the only capital in the world without streetlights relying instead on the elegant gestures of...Read More