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Tour Route: Airport – Arrival, Negambo, Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara-Eliya, Colombo, Airport – Departure

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Vehicle: Private air-conditioned vehicle with experienced licensed driver

Guide Service: Private English speaking guide

Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport/ Negambo
Transfer via: Flight/ arranged on your own Accommodation: Meal plan: XXX Travel time: Approximately 20 minutes Welcome to Sri Lanka! Upon arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport, you will be greeted by your chauffeur guide and then be escorted to your hotel and check-in on time. You can rest of the day free at hotel.
Negambo/ Pinnawala/Sigiriya
Transfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Travel time: Approximately 4.5 hours After breakfast check out and head for to Pinnawela where you can visit the Elephant Orphanage and get up-close and personal with an elephant during their feeding and river bathing. The original objective of establishing the orphanage inclined more towards tourism, but is soon became a conservation and educational center. With the help of local and foreign elephant experts, Pinnawela started a scientific captive-breeding program for elephants. The free movement of the herd enhanced the chances for respective individuals of both sexes to get together and mate. The nearby river played a dominant role in this regard, and in 1984, the first baby of Pinnawela was born. The success story of Pinnawela has drawn the attention of scientists from all over the world. A consider able number of books and research articles on Pinnawela have been published in several languages. The members of the Pinnawela herd have been filmed, videoed and photographed thousands of times by professionals. After gathering a wonderful memory proceed to Sigiriya.Upon arrival to Sigiriyacheck-in to your lovely hotel and relax.
Transfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Travel time: Approximately 2.5hours In the morning after the breakfast, head north to Anuradhapura, an ancient city first settled capital 900 B.C…,the first capital of Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BC. The influence of Buddhism which transformed this island has produced magnificent architecture as seen in the massive Dagabas, the ornate pleasure gardens and palaces decorated with excellent sculptures. One of the most important places of worship here is the Sri Maha Bodhi, the oldest historically documented tree in the world, dating back to over 2000 years. This Bodhi tree was grown from the same tree under which Prince Sidharth meditated in Bodh Gaya India where he attained enlightenment and became known as The Buddha. Sacred city of Anuradhapura is declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. En-route we visit a local school where you will be able to have some interaction with the students and observe the rural education system (subjected to availability). Upon arrival relax at the hotel.
ransfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Travel time: Approximately 2.5hours Morning with warm sunshine visit Sigiriya, a massive rock fortress rising 183 meters above the surrounding green scrub jungle, just declared a world heritage site, is perhaps the most memorable place for visitors to Sri Lanka. Built by King Kasyapa in the 5th century, on the top of a vast 200m granite rock, it took seven years to build and was abandoned after ten years of occupation when the King, defeated by his brother, committed suicide. The well-planned complex included caved temples, bathing pools, lovely ponds and Asia’s oldest surviving landscaped gardens. Today Sigiriya is famous for its frescoes painted in the pocket of the rock. The “Lion Stairway,” the “Mirror Wall” and the “Water Gardens” are its other highlights. An easy climb (steps) to the summit of the rock to view the ruins of the monastic complex, the views and frescoes are definitely worth the effort. Go as far as you like, it is all a delight even if you do not get to the top.Ancient city of Sigiriya is considering as a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. before our visit of Polonnaruwa,, we’ll enjoy an exclusive lunch will be arranged by the side of a paddy field where you will be given a cooking demonstration of a typical local lunch which includes Rice with 05 / 06 authentic curries, fried lake fish and a green salad. With a wonderful experience in Sigiriya, drives to the medieval city of Polonnaruwa. Polonnaruwa was the island’s medieval capital between the 11th and 13th century. Built alongside a large ancient artificial lake there are well-preserved ruins of palaces, bathing pools, stupas and exquisite rock sculptures of the Buddha. Today the visible remains are those of a Buddhist monastic congregation, which practiced meditation in total austerity. Established in 3rd century BC, it peaked in the 8 & 9 century AD. Rarely visited by tourists this mystical place is incredibly beautiful and unspoiled with shady forests filled with streams, pools and granite boulders and ancient elegant stone pathways, which wind through the forest to the ruins of the various meditation platforms and ayurvedic hospitals.
Sigiriya/ Kandy
Transfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Travel time: Approximately 3.5 hours Say good bye to sigiriya and proceed to Kandy.Ceylon old capital at the beginningvisit Dambulla get started with the famous Dambulla Cave Temple, home to many magnificent Buddha images and rock painting dating back to 2nd century BC.Dambulla, a vast isolated rock mass, is known for its richly painted cave temples. It was here that king ValagamBahu took refuge from invasions in the 1st century B.C., later turning the caves into a rock temple. Some of its frescoes are over 2000 years old. Another highlight is a colossal figure of the recumbent Buddha carved out of the living rock, some 15 meters long. The caves have a mixture of religious and secular paintings and sculptures with ceiling frescoes depicting scenes from Buddha’s life and Sinhalese history. We continue driving about 1-1.5 hour to a Spice Garden in Matale. This garden is on a 3 acre plot. Though you may have seen plenty in various countries on past trips, this is a delightful stop. For centuries spices have been one of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated exports. Spices such as such as cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, pepper, cardamom are grown in home gardens as home industry and used not only to flavor food, but also as home remedies. A visit to the Spice Gardens is a wonderfully relaxing experience. Evening appreciate a vivid and traditional Rangahala Cultural Dance Cultural Dance (Kandyan Dance) 5.00-6.00pm -– Sri Lanka, a country rich with culture & tradition offers a very vibrant and unique show of Sri Lankan traditional dances, in the form of Kandy cultural show. The beat a dancing from “Salupliya” depicting several demons, “Thelme” vibrant expression of low country rhythm, Fire and Harvest dances accompanied by Ceremonial Drums and the Drum Orchestra rising and falling to the lively tempo. As many as 12 different folk and traditional dances are performed by Kandy lake club dance troop within the span of one hour. Later walking to the nearby Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic – Sri Lanka’s most sacred Buddhist shrine, the Puja Ritual held in the temple with all the fanfare, drums, trumpets and brightly colored Monks definitely shows you how special and spiritually important the temple means to Sri Lanka. Sacred city of Kandy is another World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka declared by UNESCO.
Transfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: In the beginning of another wonderful day visit well famous EmbekkeDevalaya – built by King Vikramabahu-III of Gampola in the 14th century, the Devale is principally dedicated to Skanda or KataragamaDeviyo (God Katharagama). It is renowned for carved wooden pillars with intricate designs. The pillars leap to life with dancers, musicians, wrestlers, legendary beats, fabulous animals and floral motifs.A pooja ceremony will take place at 10.30 am – 11.00 am in homage to God Skanda. We plan to reach the temple in time for the puja and an offering will be arranged on your behalf for a special blessing of protection for travelers given by KapuMahattaya or other layman involved with activities / ceremonies in the temple. Afterwards, we drive into the suburbs of Kandy to the home of a Professor.A Luncheon with French Turned Sri Lankan Historian to Discuss Sri Lankan History, Culture and Art. You will set off on your educational journey at the Suriyakantha heritage home-(The home is an amazingly restored 18th century Dutch mansion that belonged to the Village Chief) where you will meet the charismatic Professor Jacques Soulier. He will welcome you personally to the center and provide you with a brief introduction to it. He will show you around the centre and give you detailed accounts of its exhibits and the time period they are from over lunch. You will be free to wander around the house and garden to witness its Dutch-style colonial architecture and its beautiful surroundings.After pampering the elephants, you will say goodbye to your new-found friends – your own personal elephant and mahout – and you will be directed to have your traditional Sri Lankan lunch in a village house
Kandy/ Nuwara-Eliya
ransfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Travel time: Approximately 2.5 hours Today depart from the hotel and proceed to Hill Country. A picturesque journey packed with beautiful mountains, Waterfalls and tea plantations. On the way stop at cascading Ramboda water fall& make a short visit to Hanuman Temple (Opening hrs-07-1.00pm 3.30pm-6.00pm) -Relating to Ramayanaya Epic .On the way get escorted to a tea plantation and a tea factory, where the world’s best Ceylon Tea is produced. After learn about the process of manufacturing tea, get hands-on experience of tea picking, and don’t forget to sip a cup of pure Ceylon tea in the factory continue to, transfer to hotel and check in, Rest of the day is for relaxation. You can take your time to stay in hotel or walk around the Downtown Nuwara-Eliya, this “Little England” town.
Transfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Early morning (recommended to start from hotel around 6.00-.30 am) Enjoy an 8km walk (app 2.5-3hrs) in Horton Plains National Park and visit “world’s End”, catch a breathtaking glimpse of Adam’s Peak if the weather allows.Horton Plains is belonging to the Central highlands of Sri Lanka and it’s a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. Rest of the day is for relaxation. You can take your time to stay in hotel or walk around the Downtown Nuwara-Eliya, this “Little England” town. Note –It is always advisable to bring suitable attire for cool climate Optional: Nuwara-Eliya is a farmers’ friendly environment which has a suitable climate for farming. Vegetables like leeks, carrots, potatoes, beans, and cucumber can be seen in Nuwara-Eliya and the vegetable farms also. Visitation for one of the vegetable farms can be take a part in the tour and also can meet the farmers. (Subjected to availability)
Nuwara-Eliya/ Kithulgala/ Colombo
Transfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Travel time: Approximately 55.5 hours After the breakfast proceeding to Colombo. En route take a short break in Kithulgala area. It is in the wet zone rain forest, which gets two monsoons each year, and is one of the wettest places in the country. The Academy Award-winning The Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed on the Kelani River near Kithulgala; Kithulgala is also a base for white-water rafting, which starts a few kilometers upstream. Upon arrival in Colombo, take a guided city tour to explore Colombo’s colonial legacies. Colombo is the official political and trade capital of Sri Lanka. All the famous shopping arcades are in and around the city, which allows one to have a tantalizing experience in Colombo as it has something to offer every visitor. As a hub of many ethnicities with people from all creeds working together, Colombo is indeed cosmopolitan. Today is the final day of your dream tour to Sri Lanka and with beautiful uncountable memories you will travel back to your home country. Before the end there are another experiences awaits you.
Transfer via: Private Vehicle Accommodation: Meal plan: Travel time: Approximately 55.5 hours Today you will transfer to Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport for the departure. Request a Price: Call us at +91 9810491010 or email us on rajinder@travelcircuit.in for all the details on this itinerary and what is included in your tour. We shall be glad to make any amendments in the tour if you so wish and send you our best quotation and details of the tour to suit your budget and interest.
Duration: 10 days
Destination: Sri Lanka


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